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can lanterns be used outdoors? is it waterproof and sun proof?

yes. the lantern can use for outdoor,and out in outdoor sunday and rainy day is no problem for our lantern. because the fabric can use in outdoor for rainy days.

what’s the material for the lantern, and how long it can lasts?

the main material is fabric and led light inside. if used indoor it can use for 3-5 years. if for outdoor sunny and rainy days, the lantern after 6 months will fade. so if need put outdoor long time, we suggest painting the uv resin in case the color fade.

how we fix it if broken, is it difficult to fix and installation?

there are 2 situation of the lantern need to repair. first is the fabric is broken, if broken big size, we can change another new fabric and its easier to make it, just use the glue combine with the fabric and the wire mesh. another is the led light inside broken, just open the fabric and change new led light inside. but normally it will not easy to broken the fabric and the led light. in the first time if the lantern project need installation we will arrange the crafts man come installation and display the lantern as your request. and it’s free!!!!

we would like to make a lantern event, how’s the process the order?

first of all we need get the information about the lantern event time, local site, budget. then we can make the proposal depend on your information. after confirm the details, we can serve you the rest production and installation to make sure you have a wonderful lantern event.

can the lantern shipping by air if urgently? the package size is big?

if shipping by air we suggest make the sample and the size we can make smaller. so we suggest place to order earlier in case of extra cost.

how about the power for the lantern, is it too big ?

the power will depend on the lantern quantity finally confirmed. but normally it won’t be too big if connect the electric power directly.

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